How To Stay Positive

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How To Stay Positive - "My Top 10 List"
by Mr. Positive! aka; David Boufford

10. Turn off the news (if something really important happens you'll find out).

9. Find and indulge in your passions (Ask yourself 'What brings me joy?' Then dig in!).

8. Always see the glass as half full (look for solutions/opportunities where others see problems).

7. Connect with God (Pray/meditate/find a Spiritual path that resonates with you and practice it).

6. Saturate your mind with positive books, quotes, music and self talk.
(If you need a list to get you started let me know and I'll provide one)

5. Associate with Positive People (fire your flaky/negative friends).

4. Serve others (find a cause you can support and give your time).

3. Keep a feel good/gratitude journal (write about all the good in your day).

2. Fall In Love (start with yourself, if that’s hard try a pet, then move to other people).

1. Stay connected to me Mr. Positive, your very own Professional Encourager! ;-)
(It brings me great joy to assist you on this journey we call life.)