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FARRAH FAWCETT Dies of cancer! Bless her heart she fought so hard to beat this awful disease. I hope everyone realizes she has family and friends out there and millions of fans grieving for her right now. I have already heard the jokes being text to people, regarding her and Michael Jackson. I don't understand what people are thinking when someone passes away tragically and people find away to make jokes about it. Shame on you!! There is nothing funny about the allegations about Michael Jackson and the jokes. Anyone who has suffered from Child abuse doesn't find these jokes funny at all.

I loved Farrah always!

I hope the man upstairs isn't mad at me
Cause I have one of his angel's and she's here with me
Each time I see her precious smile and she spreads her wings
It takes me to a place where love
Meets eternity
Oh no (oh no)
I'm not letting go (letting go)
I don't wanna be alone
In this crazy world
Oh Lord (oh Lord)
I love her so
And I'll sacrafice it all to have her in my life
I found my girl
I'll tell the world
That heaven is missing an angel
My dream came true
When I found you
Yes, heaven is missing an angel
Not a day goes by that I don't thank God for you
He blessed me with my angel
Though I don't deserve you
Before I met you girl, lonely was my best friend
Now that you are in my life
I am stronger within
I can't wait to kiss my angel late at night
And watch her go to sleep until I see her rise
And all that I do is for you
Me without you girl just won't do (oh no, no)
Your love's all I wanna know
Angel don't you ever go
Life won't be the same without you, you, you, you
Oh-ho yeah
Oh Lord
I love her so
I don't wanna be alone in this crazy world
And oh no
I'm not letting go
I'll sacrafice everything
Don't take her away