Slimming Tip

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Today’s Slimming Tip: Eat every three hours.

One of the best secrets for dropping fat and cellulite is to eat every three hours during the day for a total of five mini-meals throughout the day. Why is this important? Because when you do not eat frequently, your body will begin to naturally slow down your metabolism and turn down the “fat furnace”, which sabotages your slimming efforts.

There is an impressive amount of scientific research to back up the positive effects of eating frequently. In fact, one of my favorite studies shows that two groups of individuals, who each ate the same amount of calories over the same period of time, did not end up achieving the same results.

The fact is, the people who ate frequent meals—every three hours—actually ended up dropping a far greater amount of fat than the other people who only ate three meals a day, even though they were eating the exact same number of calories!

So whatever you do, make sure you’re eating a small, balanced meal every three hours during the day. And make sure each of these meals contains at least 20 grams of protein.