The Law of Attraction

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The Law of Attraction
by Adrian Cooper

A chapter from the book, OUR ULTIMATE REALITY. (More at

The Law of Attraction is an extremely important Universal principle
that is always in operation, is totally immutable, and has its
effect on every single person in every single moment. Here is a
brief introduction.

Quantum physics describes the energetic characteristics of the
Universe and therefore the fundamentals of the Law of Attraction.
We know from even the most fundamental basis of quantum physics
that everything in the entire Universe is pure Energy, differing
only in characteristics such as rate of vibration. Quantum physics
also acknowledges the fact that Energy is influenced by Energy, and
like Energy attracts in accordance with its unique vibration; this
is the very basis of how this law or principle works throughout the

This truth can easily and unambiguously be demonstrated by means of
a pair of tuning forks. If one tuning fork is placed a distance
from the first fork and the first tuning fork is struck thereby
emitting a sound at a certain pitch or frequency, which is in fact
vibration, then the second tuning fork some distance away will then
start to vibrate at exactly the same rate of vibration, and
accordingly the vibrations are attracted to each other. This is a
very simple but observable demonstration of how Energy and
vibration influence the Universe.

It is also very important to fully understand that Energy simply
does not stop when it ceases to become measurable by the
restrictions of physical scientific instruments. In fact the extent
of the Energy spectrum that can be measured by scientific
instruments is extremely small by comparison with the entire
spectrum of Energy in the entire Universe, and not just the small,
observable, three-dimensional aspects of the Universe. Energy
exists all the way to The Source of all Energy, The First Cause,
God, Who exists at the highest frequency of Energy of all.
Everything is Energy including thought, we live, evolve and have
our being in a thought Universe, and it is therefore the Energy of
thought that brings about creation, just as the entire Universe,
the ultimate act of creation, started as a thought in the Mind of
God, just as everything in the Universe now, including ourselves,
are all thoughts in the Mind of God.

Another very important aspect of quantum physics is quantum
potential, describing how everything that exists already
"potentially" exists in the Universe; everything that exists now,
ever existed and ever will exist already exists at least at the
quantum potential level, and it is the process of observation, i.e.
focusing your attention on something that will cause the quantum
potential to shift into quantum reality.

The Universe in which we live is a huge expanse of pure Energy
vibrating at varying frequencies from the very highest of The
Source down or more specifically outwards to the Universe of
physical matter, forming the outer physical shell, the epidermis of
the Universe as a whole as observed by science and experienced by
the five physical senses. The experience of separateness is nothing
more than illusion projected by the way that our physical and inner
senses interpret that same Energy. As mentioned before, the The
Source, the Universe, God experiences Him/Her Self by
differentiating into the observer and the observed; this is why
humans exist as individuations of The Source, The First Cause, of
God, and how God experiences and expresses through us as
individuated expressions of God.

Just as our senses and Mind interpret the Energy around us, we
similarly influence that Energy whether conscious of it or not, and
it is that same influence that determines the reality as
experienced by each and every person, whether that reality is
positive, negative or neutral. Before Energy is observed it
therefore exists as probabilities, the very act of observation
influencing the Energy to manifest as an actual observable event
rather than a mere quantum probability from the quantum potential
of the Energy. The importance of quantum physics is discussed more
"The Wisdom of Quantum Physics" chapter of this book, and is well
worth reading again before reading this chapter.

Like everything in the Universe, we are all beings of Energy,
extensions of The Source Energy, always attracting into our own
individual realities similar Energy in complete accordance with the
thoughts we vibrate. As we already know, the entire Universe is
Energy and all thoughts are Energy characterized by vibration, and
therefore thoughts attract precisely those Energy that are in
harmony with the thought you hold in your Mind and are therefore
vibrating and projecting into the Universe. This same Law applies
whether your thoughts are positive, negative or neutral, and the
effects will be in precise accordance with those thoughts.

Like The Source, we are all therefore creators within the Universe,
co-creators with God, infinitely creating by the powers of the Mind
whether we are conscious of it or not. Most people are not yet
aware of this fundamental, powerful and empowering truth, and
accordingly have no control over their own life, always ascribing
things to such notions as "luck", "fortune" and "chance".

Another fundamental truth is "ask and it is given". There are no
exceptions to this Universal truth. The instant you make a request
to the Universe, The Source, God, which will be sent, transmitted
and received in the form of unique vibrations of Energy, it is
instantly granted, there are no exceptions. A reason for this is
that we are all here to evolve back to the First Cause by utilizing
our own freewill, and accordingly the Universe will never, ever
fail to grant whatever we believe we need at any time in order to
evolve; however large or small.

We all learn by experience, so if we for example believe we need a
castle in order to progress, then the castle is instantly granted
so that we might learn of our own freewill, by experience, that we
ultimately do not require a castle in order to evolve, being, as it
is, merely a physical object of materialism demanded by the ego.
The Universe can just as easily provide any such object in the
physical world; nothing is ever too large or too small.

Where most people who understand these realities experience
difficulties is not in the asking but in the receiving. In order to
receive anything it is necessary to be in vibrational harmony with
whatever is to be received. Like Energy attracts, and since any
material object, be it a house, car, money or anything else is pure
Energy, then it should be clear to everyone that the person
attracting the object has to vibrate the same Energy in order to
attract and be in total harmony with it.

Again, this simply cannot be stressed highly enough; everything in
the Universe is pure Energy, an aspect and extension of The Source
Energy, and all Energy attracts like Energy by manifesting in total
vibrational harmony with it. This is a reason that upon passing on
from the physical to the non-physical worlds during the process
erroneously known as "death", everyone is automatically attracted
to that exact part of the Astral or Spiritual words that is most
vibrating in harmony with the Soul and Spirit, and which in turn is
determined by the state of evolution of each individual. This is
how all evolution takes place, including our own evolution back to
The First Cause, back to God. As we evolve, the vibrations of our
Spirit are always in perfect harmony with the vibrations of the
level of the Spirit worlds to which we progress.

One of the most fundamentally important things that anyone can and
should do therefore is to be totally, consciously and permanently
aware of The Law of Attraction, and to live in Spirit as a
conscious co-creator of the Universe. The person that understands
and lives by these truths fears nothing, always existing in a state
of joy in the knowledge that anything we need we can always attract
every time; ask and it is always given; all we need to do is to
understand how to receive.

As you begin to fully understand these realities and integrate them
into your Consciousness, seemingly amazing things will start to
happen in your life. You will begin to attract everything you
desire, people will appear in your life, circumstances will
manifest, all in tune with your vibration, all being attracted to
you by what you are vibrating.

As your entire existence changes in accordance with your vibration
you will know within every part of your being that you are indeed a
co-creator in the Universe, and will henceforth approach life with
joy and enthusiasm. Enthusiasm in fact is a highly appropriate word
to define your state, being a derivative of the Greek word
"en-theos", which literally means "in God". To live "in God" or
"in Spirit", "en-theos", is to be in harmony with The Source, The
First Cause, God of which we are all immortal, Divine aspects,
having our existence as we do within the Mind of God.

To live in Spirit is to "let go and let God" in the full
realization, knowledge and joy that as immortal Sons and Daughters
of God no harm can ever come to us. We all create our own realities
by the thoughts we hold in our Minds, but beyond the thoughts we
hold in our Minds we should all know that God only is Pure
Unconditional Love, and nothing negative can possible happen to any
of us. The Universe, The Source, God is total perfection, and all
we need to do is to progress and be open expressions in the flow of
that perfection.

As your realization and your enthusiasm grows you will become more
and more in vibrational harmony with that which you wish to
attract, and as a direct result more and more of that which you
wish for will manifest into your awareness and therefore your
physical reality. This is a self-perpetuating process that will
very soon be noticed by those around you who will often dismiss
your "fortune" as "luck". If appropriate, always strive to share
your knowledge with those around you, but if they are not ready to
listen, to receive and to understand, never force it upon anyone;
their day of realization will arrive sooner or later.

In order to place yourself in vibrational harmony with your wishes
you first need to experience them. Remember; everything that
exists, has ever existed or ever will exist already exists in the
Eternal Now beyond the physical space-time restricted aspects of
the physical Universe, all you have to do is to attract it into
your own individual reality by placing yourself in energetic
harmony with it, thereby matching your own vibrations.

To experience it is to imagine it, visualize it and be an integral
part of it in your Mind. Imagination is creation, and therefore
when you imagine something it is very real, not some sort of
"figment of the imagination", dream or fantasy. This is one of the
very reasons creative visualization is so very powerful; by
visualizing and mentally becoming a part of that which you are
attracting you begin to match the vibrations that will cause it to
manifest into your personal, physical reality. The quicker you can
match those vibrations, the Energy involved, the sooner you will
manifest the object of your visualization, your wishes and desires
into your life.

So to progress with being the creator of your own existence, relax,
fully experience in your Mind that which you wish to receive, and
then "let go and let God".

Another important aspect of The Law of Attraction is "expectation".
You must always know, beyond any doubt that you already have
everything you could possibly wish for; it is just a matter of
receiving. You must therefore always expect to receive and never
doubt even for a single moment. Always know, beyond any doubt that
the Universe will provide.

A further important aspect of realizing your wishes is "desire".
Unless you are in perfect harmony with whatever you wish for, it
will not manifest into your existence, and desire for whatever it
is you wish for is a very important component of this process. If
you do not genuinely desire something then you cannot be in
vibrational harmony with it, and it will not appear within your
personal reality however much you believe you may wish for it.
So your wishes must always be fuelled by desire and expectation,
while never, even for a single moment doubting the results. Ask and
it will be given, there are no exceptions, all you have to do is to
place yourself into a state of receiving, and with total, immutable
action the Universe will manifest the object of your wishes into
your life.

The Law of Attraction applies equally to attracting or repelling
people. Everyone without exception is a "transmitter" and
"receiver" of vibrations which vibrations are picked up by those
around you, or sometimes even at great distance; distance being a
physical concept that does not apply within the inner levels of
Energy where they first have their corresponding affect. People who
feel attracted to you or you to them are those who are most in
vibrational harmony with your own specific vibrations. Everyone,
usually at a subconscious level detects the vibrations of others to
some extent, this being the reason why people often take an instant
like or dislike to someone else. They are picking up on the
vibrations of the other person. Genuine psychics and very often
animals are much more tuned into the vibrations of people, and
indeed everything, and can instinctively determine the character of
any being.

The Universe knows no such concepts as failure, contraction or
chance; knowing only success, expansion and evolution in accordance
with the immutable Laws of the Universe. All that is required
therefore to attract anything at all into your own individual life
is to be in total energetic and therefore vibrational harmony with
the Universe as an expression or "channel" of The Source, The First
Cause, with God and that which you wish to attract into your
individual reality.

A further most important factor that everyone should know and keep
in Mind is that everyone planned their own individual physical
life, and knew what to expect and what was expected before even
incarnating into the present physical body. Every physical life has
a purpose but currently the majority of people do not know they
have such a purpose. This is due in large part to the
indoctrination most people receive into the physical world from the
moment of birth, where they taught that all that exists is
physical, and everything else is "fantasy".

Once people do realize they are here for a specific purpose,
usually related to personal evolution on the path back to God, they
can begin to realize that purpose by vibrating in harmony with it,
thereby attracting those things that they are here to attract as a
necessary aspect of evolution. Everyone on Earth is a physical
extension of Source Energy, with exactly the same creative powers
as The Source; we are all co-creators with God.

With all of these factors in Mind it should be absolutely apparent
to you by now that the Law of Attraction is extremely important,
and key to happiness, fulfillment and joy. You now know that you
attract to you everything and anything you hold in your Mind, be it
positive or negative. Your task therefore is always to accentuate
the positive and reject the negative.

You know that there is absolutely nothing that you cannot be, do or
have, and that all you need to do is to know this glorious truth,
and that you can truly attract only those most positive, desired
and wished for things into your life. When you reach this stage,
and you must sooner or later, whether in this life or a further
life, you will then know without any doubts whatsoever that you are
indeed a Divine expression of God, a co-creator with God in this
great and perfect Universe of Energy, vibration and Consciousness
in which we have our Being, learning and continuing to evolve back
to The Source, The First Cause, back to God.

The future chapters of this book will describe the various factors,
processes and methods that will enable you to realise your true
powers as a creator of your individual reality within the Universe,
but before we move on to those chapters we should also discuss
other emotions that are very important in the realisation of your
wishes, those of joy, gratitude and faith.

The more joyful, happy and "light-hearted" you are, the higher will
be your corresponding overall rate of vibration. The higher your
inherent rate of vibration, the more powerful will be your
attractive powers. Joy is a very high emotion and therefore state
of vibration of Energy, and one that is a fundamental
characteristic of the Universe along with Unconditional Love. The
more joyful you are the higher will be your rate of vibration and
the more aligned you will be to The Source. This in turn will
enable you to manifest your desires much more freely.
It is most important therefore to maintain a high state of joy. And
why not maintain a blissful state of joy? You are after all a
Divine, immortal, Spiritual Being, an expression of God, made in
the true Spiritual image of God, and accordingly there is
absolutely nothing that you cannot be, do or have. What is there
not to be joyful about?

Those who are not joyful are in a state corresponding with a focus
on the physical, material world they erroneously believe to be
reality, and when physical things do not conform to their own
physical efforts, wants or hopes then they become angry, sad or
worse a state of despair. These emotions will always perpetuate
more of the same. It is therefore vital to never embrace negative,
angry or depressive thoughts, because once this process starts to
occur it can become self-perpetuating, and the person can very
easily become trapped in a vortex of destructive, negative Energy.

Once you realize that you are immortal, Divine and the creator of
your own reality, you will always be joyful, which in turn will
accentuate the process of creating your own reality. When you reach
that high state of Energy, vibration and being you will know beyond
doubt that there is absolutely nothing that you cannot be, do or
have, and you will continue to exist in perpetual state of joy,
seeing the material world for what it really is. You know beyond
any possible doubt that you have the potential to constantly create
your own existence every single moment as a natural aspect of your
life. Even so, always strive to be joyful, and never, ever, ever
let anything get you down, and The Law of Attraction will operate
for you in a most powerful way.

Always remember, you are an infinite expression of The Source, The
First Cause, of God, and the more of God you can express, the more
abundance will flow into your life from the infinite abundance of
the Universe. Always, always, always remain fully aware of how you
are thinking. Never allow yourself to be negatively influenced by
external physical factors, situations or people, always remaining
aware, and always transmuting any negative situation into a
positive situation. Maintain that high state of vibration as an
expression of God, and your individual reality will reflect your
high state of Energy, vibration and being with infinite abundance,
joy and fulfillment as you joyfully travel the path back to our
Divine creator.

Another very important state of being is "faith". By "faith we do
not mean faith in the religious sense, or faith based merely upon
hope, but rather absolute faith in the immutable workings of The
Universe and the fact that you are a loved Son or Daughter of God
with the same unlimited potential as God as a co-creator of your
own reality and of the Universe.

Having faith is therefore to have faith in your own abilities as
well as faith in God. To have faith means to know, beyond any
possible doubt that all of your desires, needs and wishes are
always granted without exception, and that all you need to do for
your part is to align yourself with those wishes to be in
vibrational harmony with them. If you do not have faith, if you
ever doubt or reject these important Universal truths then it will
considerably impact your ability to create. If you do not believe
and have faith in your natural, God-given abilities as creator,
then you will transmit that corresponding Energy vibration which
will in turn conflict with your very ability to create and
therefore to orchestrate your own reality.

Another extremely important emotion is "gratitude". Although the
Universe will always provide, gratitude is very important to the
vibrations that you send back to the Universe. The vibration of
gratitude maintains our connections with The Source at the highest

It is most important not to think of gratitude in the religious
sense. A personified God, according to religion, "hears" worship
and praise, and people are told that God in return will grant
future requests by way of some form of repayment. This concept is a
purely human construct.

Gratitude can more correctly considered to be a certain type of
vibration; a very powerful vibration that influences the Universe
in your direction in accordance with the Universal laws of
Attraction and Correspondence. To ask, receive and then to be
grateful for what you have received transmits the right vibration
to the Universe, which will in turn enable you to more easily
attract much more of that which you desire into your life in the
physical world future.

Those who demand things, or who ask and expect to receive and are
not grateful for what they have received will send out the
corresponding vibrations of Energy into the Universe that will in
turn make it correspondingly more difficult to receive subsequent

Gratitude is also related to faith. Those who are always deeply,
emotionally and sincerely grateful for what they have received from
the Universe will also have faith that they will continue to
receive, so gratitude reinforces faith and accordingly the entire
process of creation. The Universe is always in a state of harmony,
and gratitude helps to accentuate your personal harmony with the
Universe. Ask in the certain knowledge and in complete faith that
you will receive, and then always maintain absolute, sincere and
emotional gratitude for what the Universe has provided you with; in
this way you will always be more finely in tune with Spirit, God,
The Universe, and this will in turn be reflected by the ease in
which you can always create your own reality, in harmony with God.

The above is Chapter 80 from the book Our Ultimate Reality by
Adrian Cooper.