an ahhh haaa moment

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At work tonight one of my co-workers was commenting on this older man flirting with her and I said "well you said you wanted to find an older man this time". I said well the universe doesn't know how old!".. " I also said you have to think of the things you do want, the age 45, educated, nice, attractive, rich ect ect.

I explained that one time I was putting out my I don't want list. I don't want some one that drinks, or does drugs ect ect and that's exactly what I attracted into my life! I was miserable to say the least.

As I was listening to myself speak these words I was amazed! yes it applies to every area of your life. I was like ahh haaa! what happened that something finally just clicked within me. I was thinking well duh, you know the rules why would it be any different for any area of your life you want to improve? Well the answer is it isn't any different. I have been reading books for years on self-help, positive thinking, affirmations I know the rules and what to do.

All that comes to mind at this moment is maybe I was never really ready until this moment. I have to be serious after all, if I really want a better life. I know sometimes we just have more lessons we need to learn until we are really ready and serious about anything in our life that is important. I refer back to things I read all the time and keep all my books handy. My books are never loaned out, I am weird like that. I always have to have them on hand you just never know.

The first thing I am going to do is start a list of all the things I do want in my life. I am throwing out my I don't want list tomorrow it no longer supports my needs. I guess I well be conducting an experiment I will keep you updated on my progress, nothing happens over night. We all want things now and don't like waiting but as the saying goes "all good things come to those who wait."