With Love and Consideration for All

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Heavenletter #3086 Published on: May 7, 2009
God said:

Listen well to the silence within you. Within the silence are all the answers you are seeking. You understand, I am speaking of the silent Known yet Unknown within you. It cannot be seen. It cannot be heard except as your heart hears it. It speaks volumes to you, beloveds, this silence in which all is contained.

Within this Silence of the Unknown, there are no facts. Leave facts to the encyclopedias. Leave facts to the auditors. Facts are of no use to you in the limitless Unknown which carries the name of Truth. Within the silent Unknown are all the answers, and yet to what questions are the answers? Here, within the seeming Unknown, details and questions are not. Let Us call the silent Unknown the Really Known. We can call the Really Known as The-Unseen-Yet-the-All-That-There-Is-to-See.

Let Us call the relative world the known, and the Unknown the Divine Celestial, which is the Knower Knowing Himself. Here is where all is known. Here is where Truth lies. Here is where you reside, and here within is the Unknown but Known and the Unseen but Seen.

Your mind craves to know what your heart already knows. Your mind wants all the information and whys and wherefores. Your heart already knows all that exists above the details that the world finds so significant. The world makes much of what, which from a vaster perspective, is nothing at all.

Talk about a tempest in a teapot! The world is filled with teapots filled with raging tempests, which are, when all is said, much ado about nothing.

Come to the calm sea within you where I AM. Here is the Stillness, and here is Truth, and here you are as well, you who knows all that matters and knows it very well. Come back to that Silence. Enough running around outside you for a while. Come back to the Calm Ocean. Enough churning the waves. Enough flapping wildly.

Come, sit down with Me. In this silence of Ourselves, you will know all that I know, and that is Everything, everything that matters, that is.

It is not like you will think: "Oh, this doesn't matter." You will instantly, instinctively, intuitionally know All That Matters. You will not pick and choose. You will simply know.

The world may very well be bewildered by what you know. It is good for the world to know that it is bewildered. The world has had times when it was sure it knew everything to know, taxes, laws, government, and such. The world knows controlling all right, but it does not always know true governing, beloveds. True governing doesn't come from control. True governing does not dangle rewards or penalties before you. True governing comes from a higher place. It comes from consciousness. Of course, it does.

On what plank are you sitting right now, beloveds? Let consciousness rise so high that each individual within the Oneness governs himself.

Laws have not stopped theft. Laws have not stopped crimes. The Ten Commandments have not stopped all they command. The Commandments are guidelines for a world that seems to need guidelines. Raise your consciousness, and you will not need laws and its relatives. Consciousness comes first, beloveds. Closeness to Me comes first.

The only way to be tall is to be tall. You may not be able to be physically taller than you are, yet you can contribute to the height of your consciousness. Have the intention, beloveds. Have the intention to come from a high place where you can only live with love and consideration for all.