HEAVEN #3095 So Happy You Would Be,

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God said:

I extol effortlessness. Let everything you do be effortless. Let loving everything you do and everyone you meet be effortless. Who says it can't?

Who says life has to be toil and trouble? Who says that life must be effort?

Naturally, if you want a book that you left upstairs, you have to get up from the chair you are sitting in and climb the stairs. Why not have getting out of your chair be effortless? Why not have climbing the stairs be effortless? Why not have life be effortless rather than effortful? Even the word effort itself saps your energy. Sense of effort makes even lifting your little finger heavy.

Of course, effortlessness does not mean idle, beloveds. It doesn't mean snapping your fingers for the valet to come to tie your shoes or your wife to bring you coffee. Life is movement, beloveds. Get up.

Effortless means oiling the gears. What would the oil be that allows your life to be effortless? What is the oil that makes life easier for you? What is the oil that allows you to get up out of your chair with alacrity? I say, down with effort and up with joy.

When you are happy, it is easy to get up. When you are happy, you are not telling yourself that you are tired.

It is life you get up out of your chair for, beloveds.

Imagine your life if you knew, absolutely knew, that you would be meeting with Me by the end of next week. What would not be easy for you? What could possibly wear you out when you knew, absolutely new, that at 7 a.m. on a certain sunny day, you and I would be meeting in a close embrace? What could possibly tire you when you knew, absolutely knew for yourself, that you and I have a firm date, and there can be no delay? If you knew the time of Our meeting, even if you had to dig ditches from here to Tuesday, how heavy would the shovel feel?

Why, you would jump for joy. You might even have a shovel in each hand, so happy you would be.

You don't even have to know what meeting Me actually means, and still you would be happy. Would I appear as a Human Being to you? It is possible that I would appear to you as a Human Being. It is possible that you would recognize Me. Would you see My face smiling at you? Would I lift you up in My arms of love and hold you tight and never let you go? Would I turn you into a star that lights the Earth? Would I ever put you down?

How would I appear? Would I be a light entering your heart? Would I be the blood flowing through your veins?

Would you hear Me speaking to you? Would I sing you a lullaby? Would I take you on a tour and show you around?

Would I be the quickness in your step? Would I be the leap of your heart?

I could be anything at all.

I could be the light in your eyes.

I could be the skill in your hands as you weave the Universe.

I could be the paint you splash. I could be the painting you paint.

I could be the music you sing. I could be the music you don't sing.

I could be the next voice you hear.

I could be the love and eagerness you feel right now.

What could I not be? What have I not been?

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