Hamburger and Onions

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I am off for a few days and they are going fast. I am so tired can't seem to wake myself up and get motivated. Tonight I am cooking dinner which I don't get to do much with my schedule. I am making a dinner my mom loves or use to. We call it hamburger and onions.

1-2 lbs of hamburger
one whole onion diced
crumbled saltine crackers
1 egg to help bind

5-6 potato's
1/2 a stick of butter or more
1/4-1/3 cup of milk

frozen corn on the cob

Mix all ingredients together in large mixing bowl, once all ingredients are all mixed together start making hamburger patties I make mine about the size of a large biscuit, sprinkle seasonings on top of hamburger I use Lawrys garlic salt and season salt and pepper...I also like cooking my hamburgers in a cast iron skillet because I use the drippings to make gravy.

I make mashed potato's I like making home made potato's I use about 5-6 potato's depending on the amount of people I am feeding I always figure one potato for each person. dice up the potato's or slice and cook in large sauce pan at least thats what I use make sure water covers all the potato's then I boil potato's until done usually about a half hour. I have never timed it actually I just stick a fork in the potatos and if I can pull the fork back out easily then are usually done, poor out all the water add milk and butter and whip until smooth cover pan with lid to keep potato's warm

when hamburgers are done cooking I place them in a pie pan and put them in the oven to keep warm on a low setting. with the drippings in the pan there maybe onions and crackers left I just leave them in my drippings I add about two heaping table spoons of flour and start mixing it in my drippings I want to make a paste like not to dry though.. I want to sautee it a little brown up the flour then I start adding my milk, I prefer whole milk when making gravy I just fill the pan up to about half way with milk I add more milk if needed if gravy is too thick and you don't want it to runny either.

I make my corn by package instructions I usually add a teaspoon of sugar and some salt and boil them 15-20

everyone loves these hamburgers they are different and so tasty.. and with the potato's and gravy they are awesome this is a family favorite you can also add gravy to the top of the hamburgers