The Big C

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A year ago my mom was diagnosed with Cancer she was given a year to live. Its been a very difficult time for All of us especially my mom. She started Chemo treatments probably in January of 2008 She got so sick from these treatment not able to eat. She said things tasted like poison when she ate as a result she has lost tons of weight and she was little to begin with. It's hard seeing my mother so sick. We have her on hospice now and everyone one of these ladies are very special and love my mom.

As you can see in the picture she has a growth on her neck that is the cancer and it bleeds now. It will start burning really bad and usually it bleeds afterwords. She can't use her right arm much because of her neck.

My mom loved life and loved doing things she can't leave the house now and mostly stays in bed every day. She has always been the nicest person and never said NO to anyone. She held everything in that was bad she always felt it was in the past and it should be left there. I wish she would of shared more about the things that bothered her.

Every day is busy for all of us my kids my brothers It is a very humbling experience for all of us. We cry and laugh all the time and share some very special moments together. Me and my brothers and my kids all take turns taking care of her and she deserves every second of our time. I am happy to give back to my mom. It is amazing with everything she is going through she still has her sense of humor you never hear her say " poor me, or cry or hardly complain" only when she is in tons of pain. She is an inspiration to all of us I love my mom and can't stand the thought of losing her. She has been my best friend for 19 years, I don't know what I will do.. My mom knows that God has a plan for us all she is not afraid only if there might be pain involved.

So if I am not around I am taking care of the most important person in my life my Mother.